Monday, August 2, 2010

Garden, Berries and Prims

I have quite a few pictures to share with you. Our garden is doing awesome and our field is FULL of dewberries.

First off, this is my Hibiscus which at one time
had outside, but for the past three years it has
been in my living room. It doesn't bloom that often
and when it does the flower only lasts a day. I was
able to get a picture so I could enjoy it longer.


We will have quite a few watermelon.

Did I mention I will have squash coming out
our ears!! I would say there are at least
25 or more.

The deer or rabbits ate the other plant
so we'll be lucky to get a couple to enjoy.

We will again have a pumpkin for Natalie
this Halloween.

I made 6 pints of jelly from these.
I checked the field on Thursday and
came to the conclusion that when they
all ripen (which will be soon) we will have
to spend an entire day picking! I hope
dewberry jelly is a hot seller again at the
craft show in November!!


I found this saying in a magazine and LOVED it.
You might be wondering about the little heart.
Well this was a table runner and there was a
little spot of paint that just wouldn't coffee
stain so I put a heart over it.

Another saying I found and love.

I thought this door doll turned out

Well that is what has been keeping me busy lately. This is the lull before the canning storm! I hope I get a lot of it done before we go to North Carolina and see Shane. I don't want to wish August away, but I am looking forward to spending three full days with my son and seeing what his life is like at Camp Lejeune. When I asked one of the Admins at our Distribution Center in NC what the weather was like in September she said...August and September are our hottest months. GREAT!! That's okay as long as I get to hug my son!!
Blessings to all!!