Sunday, September 18, 2011

Summer's End

My vacation was very productive and I enjoyed every minute of being home. I canned beans, zucchini relish, candied cucumbers, hot pepper jelly and of course salsa. The days went by WAY too fast and all of a sudden I found myself back at work.

I had been seeing turkeys in our garden, but one
day I looked out the window and there were four
of them heading to the bird feeder. I quick got
their picture, but they heard me and quickly
took off running to the woods.


Zack asked me to watch Natalie last weekend.
It was perfect timing because we had our Fall
Family Fun Fest at Church and my work had
an Open House. So there was plenty to keep
her busy with.

This was her first time in an inflatable bouncy
house. At first she wasn't quite sure what to do.

She quickly got the hang of it! Some of the kids
helped her up the stairs to the slide. She
LOVED it and kept saying "do again".

She got a sucker and a tattoo (not as many or as
big as Uncle Shane's though). :o)

She is proudly showing off her Tinkerbell
tattoo (and her blue lips).

The girls helped her make her way through
the BIG obstacle course and down the slide
(about 5 times).


Our garden is winding down and we had to
pick most of the hot peppers and tomatoes
because of the early frost. I have about 5
bags full of tomatoes! That means more salsa
and spaghetti sauce. This weekend I made
what's in this picture (salsa & pickled hot peppers).
It took me all day Sunday. I love to can but it is
time consuming!

We are getting a new shed (finally). The one we
have has a big hole in the floor, a leaky roof, and
is mice infested. Kelly cleared a spot in the back
yard, between the two gardens. We should have
it in about 3 weeks.

Blessings to all! Shane if you are reading this...Dad and I love you and miss you!!!