Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Garden

I thought I would share some pictures of our garden. It has been a battle this year against bugs, deer, rabbits and storms. The critters got our beans while we were on vacation so I had to replant them. I think the rabbits got into them again. I'll be lucky if I get any to can.

Zucchini and green peppers
I swear the zucchini grows about 5 inches
every day. I missed picking one the other day
and when I found it, it was HUGE!

We got the corn upright again and it is starting
to tassel so we should be enjoying fresh sweet
corn soon. I can hardly wait!!!

Squash and watermelon
They LOVED the hot weather and
exploded with growth! I should get quite
a few squash so it should make up for no beans!!

This is one of the new flowerbeds I made in our woods.
We can't get grass to grow there so I decided to fill
it up with plants and flowers.

Flowerbed #2
The middle one is the hydrangea bush
I bought with my birthday money (thanks Mom!)
I have always one of these!

Black-eyed Susan
This is another perennial I have always wanted.
I got this when I stopped at a garage sale and this lady was selling
plants right out of her landscaping (which was absolutely

Last but not least, my fern.
My sister gave this to me about 5 years ago and it
is still going strong. It LOVES the hot summer
and always fills in nicely. Every time I look at it
I think of my wonderful sister!!

I hope you are enjoying your summer and the beauty of your own garden and flowers. Every night when I get home from work I walk my yard and look at each flowerbed and garden. I just love this time of year. Thank you God for what comes from a tiny little seed. It is truly a miracle!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekend with Natalie

We had Natalie for the weekend so Zack and Becky could enjoy Becky's sister's wedding. I picked her up Friday afternoon and the fun began. All I can say is she is the best baby ever. She is happy 99% of the time. She is busy, but not into everything. I did not have to put a single knick knack away. She slept all night and got up happy and ready to play.

I found a game to keep her busy

We took her to East Bethel's Booster Days,
but we didn't get to stay very long. The
sky was clear when we got there, but quickly turned dark.

This is what the sky looked like. We were home
for awhile before the real storm hit. It rained
buckets and the wind blew harder than we

After Church Kelly went out to assess the damage
to our garden. All our corn was laying on the ground.
It looked like a swirl pattern! We did get it
propped back up again.

Natalie helped us outside. I was able to catch her
making this face. This is the same face Shane
used to make. Must run in the family.

We had such a fun weekend with this precious little girl. We are truly blessed grandparents. I have a feeling I'll have to go get her sometime just to have her overnight because I miss her already!

Have an awesome week!