Saturday, February 27, 2010

Empty Nest Again

Here are some pictures taken while Shane was home for 10 days in February. He is back in San Diego doing more training. He goes to MOS school (where he will learn to be an amphibious vehicle mechanic) on March 9th. It is easier having him gone this time because we can now talk to him on the weekends. He is loving the training which makes it easier for me. Little does he know his bedroom is now my sewing room! There is a plus to having an empty nest.

Grandma Audrey and Granny Carol

Auntie and Shaner DD

Kara and Shane

On Monday before Shane left I had dinner for him and some of his friends. It was fun having them over and listening to them laugh and joke around. They are a great group of kids!

Nick, Shane, and Mohammed
They all played Anoka Football together

Shane and Alecia

The Group
(Shane, Alecia, Rachel, Mohammed, Nick)

My son surprised me on February 15th and had
flowers delivered to me at work. What a total
surprise. Maybe he did learn something at boot camp

Here is the rooster that I put on hold and was able
to finish this weekend.

The finishing touches have also been put
on my bunnies. I finished their carrots and
tied them on with cheese clothe.

Finished products just waiting for the next craft
show or Rhonda's booth.

Have a blessed week! Spring is just around the corner!!


Sunday, February 7, 2010

We Have A Marine!

When Shane left for boot camp on November 1, 2009 it seemed like forever before we would see him again. Kelly and I prayed for him every day, and thought about him every second. So when the time came to go to San Diego for his graduation it was hard for me to believe that I was going to see my son again. We left on Wednesday, January 27th and Eric and his wife Danni met us at the airport in San Diego. Eric was our neighbor boy. He was five years old when we met him and Shane was three. Eric spent a lot of time at our house and they played a lot of guns and war. Eric is a Marine stationed at Twenty Nine Palms, CA and will be done with his four years in February. Here are pictures of our trip and our United States Marine!


We stayed on base in an old barracks
converted into hotel rooms. It was great,
we could walk everywhere

It was very inexpensive and the room was
clean and cozy. We didn't spend much
time there except to sleep.

Danni and Eric our tour guides.
Wednesday night we all went out to dinner
in what they call Old Town for real
Mexican food

On Wednesday as we were walking around base
we were able to see Shane's platoon marching.
We all ran up as close as we could, but they all
looked alike and we couldn't pick him out.
However, he saw us and said it took all he had
not to scream and wave to us.

Shane's Company E graduation sign


Thursday was Family Day and the first time
parents would get to see our sons. At 10:30 we
lined up in front of our son's platoon number
and they came marching out ready for their
Motivational Run. This is the first time
we saw Shane in three months. I was amazed
at the change. He looked mean and I was hoping
the real Shane was in there somewhere!

He said when he was standing here he didn't
see us. The sun was in their eyes and he
didn't have his glasses on, and we were
behind about 20 people

After the platoons did their run, we lined
up again in front of their platoon number.
This time I was in front of everyone and
Shane and I made eye contact. You can
tell he's looking at the camera.

After the Motivational Run they all went and
showered and we met them out on the Parade
Deck and they were dismissed at 1:00 for
on base liberty with family and friends.

It was great to see Shane's smile again
and see that he really was still the
same, yet a lot more mature

Marine hugging Marine!
What an awesome moment!

I have so many pictures of these two together.
I can hardly believe I now have a picture
of them both as United States Marines!

We all had lunch together at a wonderful
lunch buffet on base. It was fun to hear
his stories and see how pumped and excited he was.


The Fans!!

An official United States Marine


Beccah, one of Shane's classmates from high school
(and prom date) is attending college in San Diego
She was able to attend his graduation and
share his special day with him and us.

Mom, Dan and their Marine


We changed planes in Chicago so Shane changed
in to civilian clothes for the first time in 3 months.
He's 30 pounds lighter and I had to buy him a
pair of new pants for the trip home.

I contacted some of his friends to see if they wanted
to meet us at the airport when we got into
Minneapolis on Friday night. There were about
12 people waiting for us when we got to the
baggage claim. It was an awesome homecoming!

Shane and some of the boys he played baseball
with at MCCS

Grandpa Ray and Granny Carol were waiting for us
to get home Friday night. They came down and dog
sat for us. We got home about 1:30 a.m. but did
not get to bed until about 3:00 a.m. Sunday we
all went to Church.

He survived boot camp and all the things I worried about he said were kind of fun. He is excited about being a Marine and we are so proud of him and his accomplishment. I know the choice he made is where he's suppose to be. It's just hard as a mom to let go, but I know he'll do great things and I leave him in God's hands for protection and guidance. We are on to the next chapter in our lives. Hopefully our next trip to San Diego we'll get to spend more time there relaxing and enjoying the sunshine.

God Bless America and all our young men and women who have chosen to serve this great country of ours (and their parents who also make a sacrifice to let them do it!).