Monday, May 28, 2012

Here's What's Been Happening!

I have been doing a lot except updating my blog!  We not only helped Zack paint the entire upstairs of his new home, but we also help paint the entire downstairs.  It is amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do for a house!

Here is the downstairs living room wall - BEFORE

AFTER - you would not believe the difference!

This will be Zack and Becky's bedroom downstairs. 
BEFORE - it was a light yellow with a lot of marks on every wall!

Becky wanted a burnt orange room - well she got it.
It turned out beautiful!



Kelly and I spent Mother's Day Weekend in Hayward
and Spooner.  We had a great time being with family.

Kara and Trav.  Love you both very much!


Natalie's 3rd Birthday
(what a doll!)

This swing set was her birthday present from ALL
the grandparents.

She loves to slide down and land in her pool
filled with water.  It was 93 degrees on Sunday
so she REALLY enjoyed getting wet!

After all that swinging and sliding she enjoyed
an ice cream treat.  So cute!

Last but not least, here is my latest creation I made
on the very rainy Saturday.  Getting ready for craft