Sunday, October 25, 2009

Going Away Bonfire

This weekend we had a going away bonfire for Shane and his friends. My sister-in-law, Jolene, my niece Cara and her fiance Jim came from Wisconsin. A couple of Shane's friends showed up early and everyone was put to work getting things ready. Jolene helped Shane throw wood into the basement. Then she grabbed the Windex and paper towels and washed my patio windows. The boys helped Kelly clear the fire pit area. I'm thinking we should have a party more often! It was great to have the help!

Jolene with paper towel in hand heading out
to wash my windows!

Shane and Aunt Jolene

Shane and cousin Cara Kae

Zack, Becky and Natalie showed up.
It was a wonderful surprise, I did not
know they were coming.

Natalie was enjoying her teething biscuit.
The more she chewed on it, the messier
her bib became (and everything else
she touched!)

She took a little break.
Isn't she a doll!!

I hauled up Shane's old high chair, gave her
a spoon, spatula, and melon baller and
she kept herself entertained for an
hour and a half. Who needs toys!!

Here she is in her puffy coat and hat
enjoying the bonfire...she really is awake
I just caught her with her eyes closed.

Shane, his girl friend Alisha, and his football
friends Mohammad, Nick and Chris

These are some of his baseball teammates
and friends from Meadow Creek

It started to drizzle so they came in and watched
a video that some of the kids made in 7th or 8th grade.
The teacher never let them show it in class.
I guess it was pretty funny.

The party was a success! I am amazed at how much some of those boys can eat.
I am glad Shane had the opportunity to see his friends before he leaves.

I tried a new prim sunflower pattern.
I'm not sure yet what I'll do with them, but I'll
figure something out.

I got this frame at the Goodwill and was so excited
to get a stitch picture made out of it. It turned out
awesome. Very prim!!

Gingerman family waiting to head to Spooner
to the craft show. Hopefully they will all find
good homes!!

Well, this coming week is our last week with our son Shane. I am so excited to have my family coming down next weekend to spend some time with us. I know we'll need the support as we get ready to take him to the recruiting office and hand him off to the Marines on November 1st. I appreciate your prayers for all of us!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Marines Family Night

On Monday (10/19), Shane and I went to Family Night his Marines Recruiting Office was holding. They fed us pizza and answered our questions. There were about 30 boys there, some already enlisted and some were there as guests (too see if it's something they want to commit to). Two drill instructors (DIs) were there from San Diego. The 30 boys went up front and the DIs put them through some physical training. Parents got to see what it will be like for them at boot camp. I think it was a much milder version of what really happens! Shane did well, but will be put to the test during the real thing!

Saturday (10/24), Shane is having a bonfire with some of his friends. It will be his going away party and the last time he sees his friends for awhile. Next week will be for family. My sister, nieces, Mom and Ray are coming to spend a few days with us. My nieces are running in a 5K and half marathon in Minneapolis, so they will be here the weekend Shane leaves. I am so grateful it worked out that way. I'll need the support.

Sunday (Nov. 1) we'll go to Church as a family for the last time in awhile. Our wonderful Pastor will pray for Shane during the service. Then at 4:00 we take Shane to the recruiting office and leave him with his recruiter. He is then property of the United States Marine Corps. When I get his mailing address in San Diego, I'll send it to everyone. Daily letters are the highlight at boot camp.

Keep Shane in your prayers. Pray that God keeps him strong physically and spiritually, but most of all that He will use him for His glory and honor.

Sorry, no picture to post this time. I'll have some from the bonfire party!!

Love to all - Sheilda

Sunday, October 11, 2009

First Snowy Weekend

We woke up to our first snow fall Saturday morning. Kelly said to me, "isn't it pretty?" My response was...."yes, if it was December!" I am still hoping for a few Indian Summer days so I can wash and wax my car before winter is REALLY here.

This is my favorite flowerbed. I really
wanted to enjoy it for a few more weeks!

My poor marigolds that survived their trim by Shane,
had their life cut short by the frost and snow.

Saturday I had lunch with my high school classmate, friend and former roommate Mary. I went over to her house in St. Louis Park. I told her I'd show her pictures from our class reunion because she did not go. After we had lunch we decided to go to the Mall of America and walk around. Well, so did everyone else in the Twin Cities. Just getting into the parking ramp was a challenge. We were thinking we should have gone to Ridgedale Mall instead! We did finally find a parking spot at the top level of the ramp. We had a very fun day. It was fun talking about all the things we had done together when we were younger.

Sorry Mary, I accidentally deleted the better picture of
us off my camera! We still look HOT!

Sunday in between cleaning my house I worked on my crafts. I have so many I need to put finishing touches on that I decided I had better just do it. The candy cane door doll was one of them. To my surprise, it turned out adorable.

Here's a closer look.

All these guys got a coffee bath today.
I now have more things waiting for
finishing touches.

This is Milo the Cardinal. Isn't he adorable.
I have four more ready to be assembled.

I love his feet, even though
they are the hardest thing to put on him!

Well, that's it for this weekend. Have a blessed week!
I hear we have more snow on the way.
So much for global warming, huh!!!!
Love to all,

Monday, October 5, 2009

Crafting Weekend

I spent the entire day at home on Saturday. It was a rainy day so I didn't feel guilty about being inside sewing. I made six pillows and six prim snowmen. I really enjoyed my day at home, but it is amazing how fast the time goes when you're having fun. I could use another 10 days at home to sew and get ready for the craft shows in November!

Hopefully these will be hot sellers!

This is one of my favorites. I love the patchwork border.

These guys are so ugly, they're cute!
The six white snowmen are waiting for
a coffee stain bath, ear muffs and a scarf.

I stopped at a Shop on the way home from Church
and found this adorable old sewing machine drawer.

I made this faceless angel to see how
it would turn out. I LOVE it! Now I need to put
finishing touches on it and then start
making more!

Last is this pillow I made for myself. Semper Fi
means Always Faithful. It will be my reminder that
Jesus is always faithful and will be there with Shane as he
goes through Marine boot camp.

Have a blessed week!