Saturday, August 27, 2011

Garden Tour

I know it has been over a month since my last post. Summer gets to be a busy time especially when the garden starts ripening. I froze corn for the past two weeks, which I had to do during the week after working all day. All I kept thinking is, it will be wonderful to eat corn on a cold winter's day! Below are some pictures of what's been happening lately.

I went to my sister's to help out with a garage
sale. My sister and niece both got blood hounds,
Karl and Klara. They are brother and sister and
they love each other. They think they are lap dogs.
Here they are all worn out after playing.

We watched Natalie one weekend. I had gotten
her a pool and she had to try it out.

Here she is after she discovered she could
throw water on Grandma who was sitting
in a lawn chair watching her. She cracks
me up!!!



My first year planting Brussel Sprouts.

Our first pumpkin to turn orange. We did
pick it and I hope it keeps until Halloween.
Otherwise we'll have to designate another
pumpkin for Natalie (she usually gets the first
one that turns orange). There is A LOT more
on the vine to choose from!

One of the many watermelons. I picked this one
because I thought it was ripe. NOT! Now I
know to leave the others's too early.

Yes, this jungle is my tomatoes. They went
crazy this year. Some of the plants are taller than
me. We had to stack them along with having them
in tomato cages. Salsa, Salsa, Salsa!

I have had the best crop of green peppers
I have ever had. I can't keep up!

This is what I picked two days ago. 26 of
them! This is after I have picked at least
4 dozen!!



We made our annual trip to the State Fair
on opening day, August 25th. It was a
beautiful day and we always enjoy our time.
Hopefully in a couple years Shane can join
us again!

Kelly has to get a corn dog....the highlight
of his trip to the Fair!

As we were leaving we got someone to take our
picture by these cool horses made out of moss.

I will try to post again sooner than I did this last time. I am on vacation until after Labor Day so that should help. I call this my "stay at home Mom week." I used to take this time off to get Shane ready for school and celebrate his birthday sometime during this week. I love being home and pretending I don't have to work!! lol Miss you Shaner D. Happy 21st Birthday on the 28th. You are our blessing from God and we are truly grateful for you and are very proud of you!

Blessings to all,