Friday, July 31, 2009

Kitchen Update

My kitchen had a stand-alone dishwasher that was such an eye sore. I used it off and on, but usually wash dishes by hand. While at the Blaine Sports Center craft show in October 2008, I met someone who makes oak furniture. As a gift to myself for surviving the High School years of my son, I called this guy and we designed an oak pantry. It turned out beautiful!

Here is the eye-sore, McGuyvered dishwasher (the hoses ran behind the cupboards and into the sink drain pipes).

Here is my beautiful new pantry! Even the guy who made it was impressed at how awesome it turned out.

Look at all that cupboard space!

Two nice pull out drawers that need filling!

Here's a look from a different angle.

I had to show you the crates and apple basket I got at an antique shop in Cumberland. They will be a great addition to our prims and they will soon be filled and used at the craft show in Spooner!

My latest prim creations waiting for the craft show in November.

Well, thanks for looking. I just love being able to share updates with you on my blog.

Have a blessed week!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Our July 4th Vacation

Every year we look forward to our summer vacation in Cumberland, WI. We rent a lake home with Dave and Jan Ellenbogen (Kelly's oldest sister and her husband). This was the first year none of our kids were with. Shane, Zack, Justin and Cara did come to visit, but we were pretty much free to do our own thing this year. Here are some pictures for you to enjoy!

Here is Dave being a tourist.

Our campfire spot down by the lake

Natalie Jane...look at that precious face!

The Doonan men and Natalie

Natalie and her mom, Becky

It's become and annual thing to canoe down the river. Last year, Dave and Kelly had this brainstorm to dress up as pirates. Well, you can see they did! They got some laughs and also scared a little boy.

Jan and I canoed together and tried to pretend we didn't know those two crazy guys!

I saved the best picture for last.....

Here is my 50 year old husband having the time of his life!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. We love our time in Cumberland with Dave and Jan. We have the lake house rented again for next year. I wonder what the pirates have in mind for our river trip next year????

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Garden

I started a blog so I could send updates on what's happening at the Doonan household. Right now our main focus is the garden. I am scared to think just how much canning I'm going to have to do. Our garden is so beautiful and Kelly has really given it some TLC this year. I'll probably be able to open my own produce stand and make a profit, and that will be after I can enough to keep us fed all winter long!
The potato patch!

This is just one of the many squash plants. I love squash so I am looking
forward to freezing it and enjoying it all winter long!

Look at the size of this pumpkin. Kelly said this one if for Natalie for her first Halloween.

Here's a look at our beans and corn

Here is farmer Kelly standing in front of his corn.

Thanks for looking and I will update more as we start harvesting everything. I just love to watch my garden and flowers grow. The first thing I do when I get home from work is make the rounds to see how much everything has grown.