Saturday, April 23, 2011

New Appliances Arrived

Well, after much research, searching the internet, stopping at stores and being totally confused we finally bought new Kenmore appliances at Sears. I have to say that I am loving my new washer and look forward to having clothes to wash. Our friend from Church came out on Tuesday and hooked up the stove and dryer. The old ones are sitting outside waiting to be picked up and be recycled. Below are before and after pictures. What a difference!!

The dryer is one Kelly had bought used before
we were even married, so it is over 23 years old.
I can retire the pliers I used to turn the dial...YEAH!

My new Kenmore Elite Washer and Dryer (with
knobs that actually work).
I LOVE them!!

The Montgomery Wards stove came with
the house, so it is 23 years old. Someone
had to hold the door open while I got what
I was cooking out of the oven. Otherwise the
door would spring shut on you.

My new Kenmore Stove with five
burners. It will be GREAT for canning
this summer. I might actually start tyring new
recipes and surprise my husband!

We watched Natalie two weekends ago so Zack
and Becky could go out and celebrate Zack's
25th birthday. We were on our way to Church
so she put her sunglasses on. It was too cute to
turn the right way. She says "go to Church...
see kids."

All I can say is seriously....the calendar says it's Spring!!!??

Have a Blessed Easter. He is RISEN and someday we will all be together with Him in Heaven. Amen!