Sunday, April 25, 2010

Basement Remodel

The fun began Wednesday night when my Mom and step-dad Ray came down to help us remodel our basement. Ray was barely in the house 5 minutes when he went downstairs and started riping up carpet. He does not mess around! He had half the room done Wednesday night.

Here is a before picture of the carpeting
that was in the basement.
All I can say is good riddens!!!!

This is half of the downstairs with carpet
GONE! You can see on the wall by the window
I was trying to figure out what color to paint.
I thought as long as Ray was here and everything was
out of the room we might as well get that done too.

Ray and I went to Sherwin Williams and
he helped me pick out two colors, one to
paint the walls, and another to paint the
paneling on the half walls. He did all the
edging and I did all the rolling. It was
fun working together and I was amazed it
only took us 2 hours and 15 minutes!

Next it was time for the laminate flooring.
It was a two person job. Here is Ray at work
and Mom helping (supervising). I helped him
lay most of it and learned a lot. It was pretty
easy to install. Ray had the hard part of cutting
pieces to fit around the door frames and ends.

I hardly got to comb my hair the morning we
laid the laminate. Ray is a worker and I wanted to
be down there to help him. There was no sleeping
in on my days off!

Putting in the final board.

Isn't is beautiful! Everything turned out better
than I had dreamed. Half of my downstairs
is now done. I just have to wait for the new carpeting to
come in and have it installed in the living room and
Shane's bedroom. I'll update my blog when that project
is done. I can't wait to have my basement
back in order so we can start enjoying it.
But, it is so worth the mess!
Thank you Mom and Ray for all your help, and for all you do for us.
We love you very much and enjoyed the time we got to spend together.

Have a blessed week!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Zack's Birthday & New Townhouse

Zack turned 24 on April 9th. Kelly and I went over to their new townhouse on Saturday the 10th to celebrate his birthday with him, Becky and Natalie. They are enjoying having a place of their own. They live in St. Croix Falls so it is a little further commute for Zack to go to work, and Becky to go to college. Becky's mom watches Natalie on Wednesday's and Thursday's while Becky goes to night school. Her Mom lives in the Luck, WI area.

Here is a view of their townhouse. The Intrigue
is still in operation. Becky drives it back and
forth to school. Good thing Zack is handy otherwise
we would have junked it.

This is their living room (the kitchen is
right behind the couch)

Here's a better shot. The table they are currently
using is a patio table and two lawn chairs.
Oh the joys of setting up house!

There is a park around the block from
them so we put Natalie in her little car
and took her there. It was such a beautiful
day to be outside.

Little did we know as she was riding in her car
she was dragging her cute little sandals on the
ground. The toes were black and melted.
They will be turned in to play shoes!!

Here she is after Becky helped her slide down the
slide. The big smile told us she thought it was
pretty darn fun!

Before we left, Grandpa Kelly crawled down
the hall with Natalie beside him and they
were playing in her new room.

We love every minute we get to spend with her, and of course Zack and Becky also. We have been asked to watch her for a weekend in July. Becky's sister is getting married and they want to be able to go and enjoy themselves. We are thrilled at the opportunity. It's been a LONG time since we've had someone that little around. I'm sure we'll be exhausted by the time we're done!

Blessing to all!!