Thursday, October 20, 2011

October...a month of changes

After waiting for almost a month, our living room is finally done. It turned out beautiful! We also had our front landscaping redone. It was turning into a jungle and the weeds were taking over. We just didn't have the time to get it done ourselves so when they leveled the spot for our new shed we had them do the landscape. The shed was finished today, but it was too dark to get pictures so I'll save that for another post.

Another change that was TOTALLY unexpected was this morning my husband hit a deer almost head on while traveling down Highway 65 at 65 mph. Thank goodness he was wearing his seat belt (which will need to be replaced). The truck can be repaired and I am so grateful my husband came out of it without a scratch.

Tire tracks where he hit the ditch.
He hit the deer back where the white
van is in the picture.

The bumper took the major impact of the hit.
The front panel on the passenger side has a small
dent and will need to be replaced. Otherwise
no other panel parts buckled. We will definitely
need a new radiator though!

An up close look! All that's left of the headlight
is the dangling bulbs!!



Here is a before picture of our front landscaping.
Out of control bushes, weeds, and white rock. bushes, new edging, and river rock.
Love it!


Here are before pictures of our living room



New wood flooring, baseboard trim, stairs,
and railing.

I am so pleased with how everything turned out (even if the contractor had to order ALL new wood for the railing because he stained it the wrong color). I still need to put everything back in place, but right now I am enjoying the newness of it. I do know that the blue Lazyboy recliner we have just might not find its way back upstairs. I think a new leather upright chair may go in it's spot (after we get the truck fixed of course). All I know is that I am so blessed to be able to make updates to our home!

More posts again soon...I promise!