Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mom and Ray Visit

On Saturday, my Mom and step-dad, Ray came down for a visit. For Ray, it really wasn't just to visit, we hired him to paint the trim on our house. It had to be done, and I knew it would be done right if Ray did it. Boy, he doesn't mess around!! He power-washed everything on Saturday, and then started painting on Sunday and finished before Noon on Tuesday. It looks awesome! Mom and I spent some quality time together hitting a few thrift stores on Saturday and singing in Church on Sunday.

Everything that's white on our house was painted except the windows.

Ray had every size ladder imaginable for the job.
He must do this for a living!!!

Ray also installed a new light over my kitchen sink.
And, Ray and Mom cleaned out the layers
of rust in the tank of my upstairs toilet.
Now that's what you call love!
My wonderful mother also had supper waiting for Kelly and I when we
got home from work on Monday. It's still nice to be taken care of no
matter how old you are.

Kelly harvested some of the pumpkins this weekend.
He loaded up Natalie's pumpkin and took it over to her.
Sorry, I didn't go so I don't have updated pictures of her (darn!).
(My dog, Melody, decided to get in the picture)

Would you believe there are still some squash
left out in the garden!

Last but not least are these cute Marigolds.
Shane had mowed them down shortly after
I planted them. I wasn't sure if they would
come back....but they did! Now that's
determination for you!

Have a blessed rest of the week. I'll be crafting this
weekend so I'll update you with pictures soon!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!

I am finally sitting down to update my blog. I don't really know what has kept me so busy. I got a little break from canning but now the watermelons are ripe and so are the squash. Kelly picked a wheelbarrow full of buttercup squash yesterday. I guess I'll be busy freezing it! I cooked one up the other night and it was awesome!

Yes, the watermelon was delicious! There are still
about six more out on the vine.

Here is one of the things I worked on this weekend.

Aren't these pillows cute and prim!

This cardinal is one of my favorites.
Four more are just waiting to be finished!

I found this treasure at the Goodwill today. I don't
know if it's an antique or not...but I liked it.

That's all I have to update you on for now. Have a blessed week, pray for our nation and our leaders. Remember that God is in control of ALL things! Keep your faith, hope and trust in Him. He NEVER fails!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Back at Work

I went back to work on Tuesday after 12 days off, and for being a short sure felt LONG! I am still busy canning but try to do a bit of crafting when I can. I just canned my last batch of salsa. Now it's time to focus on getting ready for the craft shows in November. Below is one of the items I made this weekend. I still need to put the finishing touches on it.

I was walking around my yard this weekend and realized that summer is coming to an end (even though it felt like mid-July). I will miss checking on the garden and my flowers so I tried to capture some pictures I can look at during those long winter months!

Here is the jumbo marigold bush on the side of my house. I
can't believe how well it did there in the hot sun.

Our maple trees are already starting to turn color.

We planted giant sunflowers on the end of the garden this year. They just recently got huge flowers on them. I am hoping to be able to use them to feed the birds this winter.

We have 8 watermelons! We picked the huge one on the right on Sunday.
I have not cut it open yet so I'll have to let you know how it tasted.

Our beautiful pumpkin patch got a fungus on the leaves so
Kelly had to spray them. The pumpkins seem to still be okay.
There are 14 of them just waiting for Halloween!

Zack, Becky and Natalie came over on Sunday. It had been two weeks since we saw them. Natalie just keeps getting cutier and cutier!

Zack helped Shane put a new air filter on his car. It's hard to believe these two used to drive Kelly and I crazy with their fighting! It makes my heart sing to see them together like this. It also makes me miss the days of having two little boys (fighting and all!).

Okay, isn't that the cutiest face you've ever seen!
Zack isn't too bad looking either. :o)

Natalie is out sitting on her pumpkin. She was more interested in
grabbing the leaves (which are really picky).

We put her in her stroller while we were outside. She LOVES her stroller.
She's getting to be such a big girl.

Here she is relaxing with her feet up. Life is good!!

They brought over her Jumparoo, Becky says its her favorite thing!
She got a good workout and made us all laugh.

I'll end with this picture of the sunset on Sunday. It reminds me of the Glory of God. Look at the beauty He has given us to look at. He has truly blessed my life with a wonderful family, a beautiful granddaughter, freedom to worship Him in the greatest nation on earth, but most of all He gave us His son Jesus. When we all get to Heaven, what a day of rejoicing that will be!!
Love you all,

Monday, September 7, 2009

Summer Days & Time Off!

I usually take time off work at the start of the Minnesota State Fair until Labor Day. I call it my "stay-at-home-Mom" week. It is a time I truly enjoy being home enjoying the last days of summer. Now that Shane is not in school anymore I did not have to get him ready! WHOOO! This year I focused on canning, freezing, crafting, and cleaning. I went and spent some time with my sister in Wisconsin Rapids. My mom also came down from Spooner. We enjoyed our time together. Rhonda and I cut out prim patterns we want to make for the craft show in November. My mom and I practiced a song we'll sing in Church one day soon. After I got back home I really missed them!!

My sister's deck is full of beautiful flowers.
She has such a nack for arranging them.

Some more flowers and her green beans & cucumbers.

Did I mention that all her cucumbers are round?
She does much better with flowers!!

My mom made some refrigerator pickles.

Well, it's time to go home. Mom and I followed each other until the Eau Claire exit. Good thing I had my new GPS unit with, it got us to the freeway in Black River Falls. The only thing it does not tell you is when a wild turkey is running out in front of you! I almost had a new hood ornament. I am still recovering from the deer that hit me in January!!

My sister and I tried our hand at a new craft. These jars turned out AWESOME
and will be used for some of our prim items at the craft show.

Below is what I have been working on since I got home last Wednesday. Besides these I still managed to can more salsa and freeze more corn. Our garden is winding down so I'll have more time to sew!

I got this frame at the Goodwill. I painted it and then sanded it so it looks old.
It turned out beautiful.

I love these sunflowers. I just need to add stems and put them in the
prim jars we made.

Here is a group shot of all my items. I know it doesn't look like much, but believe me it was a lot of work. I'll post pictures when I get them all put together.

Well, tomorrow my vacation is over and it's back to work. I thank God for the job He has given me, and I am grateful for the time I was able to take off. It was so refreshing to sleep in, not be in a rush to go anywhere, and just enjoy summer!

God Bless!!