Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mom and Ray Visit

On Saturday, my Mom and step-dad, Ray came down for a visit. For Ray, it really wasn't just to visit, we hired him to paint the trim on our house. It had to be done, and I knew it would be done right if Ray did it. Boy, he doesn't mess around!! He power-washed everything on Saturday, and then started painting on Sunday and finished before Noon on Tuesday. It looks awesome! Mom and I spent some quality time together hitting a few thrift stores on Saturday and singing in Church on Sunday.

Everything that's white on our house was painted except the windows.

Ray had every size ladder imaginable for the job.
He must do this for a living!!!

Ray also installed a new light over my kitchen sink.
And, Ray and Mom cleaned out the layers
of rust in the tank of my upstairs toilet.
Now that's what you call love!
My wonderful mother also had supper waiting for Kelly and I when we
got home from work on Monday. It's still nice to be taken care of no
matter how old you are.

Kelly harvested some of the pumpkins this weekend.
He loaded up Natalie's pumpkin and took it over to her.
Sorry, I didn't go so I don't have updated pictures of her (darn!).
(My dog, Melody, decided to get in the picture)

Would you believe there are still some squash
left out in the garden!

Last but not least are these cute Marigolds.
Shane had mowed them down shortly after
I planted them. I wasn't sure if they would
come back....but they did! Now that's
determination for you!

Have a blessed rest of the week. I'll be crafting this
weekend so I'll update you with pictures soon!

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