Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Our July 4th Vacation

Every year we look forward to our summer vacation in Cumberland, WI. We rent a lake home with Dave and Jan Ellenbogen (Kelly's oldest sister and her husband). This was the first year none of our kids were with. Shane, Zack, Justin and Cara did come to visit, but we were pretty much free to do our own thing this year. Here are some pictures for you to enjoy!

Here is Dave being a tourist.

Our campfire spot down by the lake

Natalie Jane...look at that precious face!

The Doonan men and Natalie

Natalie and her mom, Becky

It's become and annual thing to canoe down the river. Last year, Dave and Kelly had this brainstorm to dress up as pirates. Well, you can see they did! They got some laughs and also scared a little boy.

Jan and I canoed together and tried to pretend we didn't know those two crazy guys!

I saved the best picture for last.....

Here is my 50 year old husband having the time of his life!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. We love our time in Cumberland with Dave and Jan. We have the lake house rented again for next year. I wonder what the pirates have in mind for our river trip next year????

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