Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Garden

I started a blog so I could send updates on what's happening at the Doonan household. Right now our main focus is the garden. I am scared to think just how much canning I'm going to have to do. Our garden is so beautiful and Kelly has really given it some TLC this year. I'll probably be able to open my own produce stand and make a profit, and that will be after I can enough to keep us fed all winter long!
The potato patch!

This is just one of the many squash plants. I love squash so I am looking
forward to freezing it and enjoying it all winter long!

Look at the size of this pumpkin. Kelly said this one if for Natalie for her first Halloween.

Here's a look at our beans and corn

Here is farmer Kelly standing in front of his corn.

Thanks for looking and I will update more as we start harvesting everything. I just love to watch my garden and flowers grow. The first thing I do when I get home from work is make the rounds to see how much everything has grown.

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  1. Sheilda, I LOVE your garden pictures, you are going to be very busy come harvest time!!!! LOVE the pics of farmer Kelly, he has done a great job!!!!! Keep us updated:) Love you...Rhonda