Thursday, October 22, 2009

Marines Family Night

On Monday (10/19), Shane and I went to Family Night his Marines Recruiting Office was holding. They fed us pizza and answered our questions. There were about 30 boys there, some already enlisted and some were there as guests (too see if it's something they want to commit to). Two drill instructors (DIs) were there from San Diego. The 30 boys went up front and the DIs put them through some physical training. Parents got to see what it will be like for them at boot camp. I think it was a much milder version of what really happens! Shane did well, but will be put to the test during the real thing!

Saturday (10/24), Shane is having a bonfire with some of his friends. It will be his going away party and the last time he sees his friends for awhile. Next week will be for family. My sister, nieces, Mom and Ray are coming to spend a few days with us. My nieces are running in a 5K and half marathon in Minneapolis, so they will be here the weekend Shane leaves. I am so grateful it worked out that way. I'll need the support.

Sunday (Nov. 1) we'll go to Church as a family for the last time in awhile. Our wonderful Pastor will pray for Shane during the service. Then at 4:00 we take Shane to the recruiting office and leave him with his recruiter. He is then property of the United States Marine Corps. When I get his mailing address in San Diego, I'll send it to everyone. Daily letters are the highlight at boot camp.

Keep Shane in your prayers. Pray that God keeps him strong physically and spiritually, but most of all that He will use him for His glory and honor.

Sorry, no picture to post this time. I'll have some from the bonfire party!!

Love to all - Sheilda

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  1. I'm glad that I'll get to be there to send Shaner Baner wiener whiner on his way. :) Man, Who would've thought this day would ever come? I feel like Shane and I are still lil tikes playing beanies and barbies.. He's not old enough for the Marines in my mind! ahh! Stay strong Auntie and enjoy your week with Shane! Love you