Sunday, October 11, 2009

First Snowy Weekend

We woke up to our first snow fall Saturday morning. Kelly said to me, "isn't it pretty?" My response was...."yes, if it was December!" I am still hoping for a few Indian Summer days so I can wash and wax my car before winter is REALLY here.

This is my favorite flowerbed. I really
wanted to enjoy it for a few more weeks!

My poor marigolds that survived their trim by Shane,
had their life cut short by the frost and snow.

Saturday I had lunch with my high school classmate, friend and former roommate Mary. I went over to her house in St. Louis Park. I told her I'd show her pictures from our class reunion because she did not go. After we had lunch we decided to go to the Mall of America and walk around. Well, so did everyone else in the Twin Cities. Just getting into the parking ramp was a challenge. We were thinking we should have gone to Ridgedale Mall instead! We did finally find a parking spot at the top level of the ramp. We had a very fun day. It was fun talking about all the things we had done together when we were younger.

Sorry Mary, I accidentally deleted the better picture of
us off my camera! We still look HOT!

Sunday in between cleaning my house I worked on my crafts. I have so many I need to put finishing touches on that I decided I had better just do it. The candy cane door doll was one of them. To my surprise, it turned out adorable.

Here's a closer look.

All these guys got a coffee bath today.
I now have more things waiting for
finishing touches.

This is Milo the Cardinal. Isn't he adorable.
I have four more ready to be assembled.

I love his feet, even though
they are the hardest thing to put on him!

Well, that's it for this weekend. Have a blessed week!
I hear we have more snow on the way.
So much for global warming, huh!!!!
Love to all,

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  1. Keep crafting up a storm Auntie! Lookin' good!
    Can't wait to see you soon!