Saturday, February 27, 2010

Empty Nest Again

Here are some pictures taken while Shane was home for 10 days in February. He is back in San Diego doing more training. He goes to MOS school (where he will learn to be an amphibious vehicle mechanic) on March 9th. It is easier having him gone this time because we can now talk to him on the weekends. He is loving the training which makes it easier for me. Little does he know his bedroom is now my sewing room! There is a plus to having an empty nest.

Grandma Audrey and Granny Carol

Auntie and Shaner DD

Kara and Shane

On Monday before Shane left I had dinner for him and some of his friends. It was fun having them over and listening to them laugh and joke around. They are a great group of kids!

Nick, Shane, and Mohammed
They all played Anoka Football together

Shane and Alecia

The Group
(Shane, Alecia, Rachel, Mohammed, Nick)

My son surprised me on February 15th and had
flowers delivered to me at work. What a total
surprise. Maybe he did learn something at boot camp

Here is the rooster that I put on hold and was able
to finish this weekend.

The finishing touches have also been put
on my bunnies. I finished their carrots and
tied them on with cheese clothe.

Finished products just waiting for the next craft
show or Rhonda's booth.

Have a blessed week! Spring is just around the corner!!


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