Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Weekend of Family Time

The weekend was spent with family. Friday I went up to Spooner to attend my Uncle Lavern's funeral. Not quite how you want to see your relatives, but I was glad I was able to be there. My sister and Mom were with me. We all stayed overnight at my niece Kara's house. Kara and her husband, Travis, are great hosts. We had a birthday celebration dinner for Kara on Saturday. I can hardly believe she is 27. It seems like yesterday she was a little girl. I am so proud of both my nieces! Love you girls!!!

I brought some of my prim creations up to put in my sister's
booth at the Red Door Antique shop in Spooner. I am so glad
she let's me be a part of her new adventure. She does such a
good job and I am so proud and amazed at her creativity!
This is a picture of her booth. It's pretty full!

She found a place for my rooster and pillow on this side.
Amazingly she found a place for everything and
her booth looked wonderful.

A close up shot.

My cat's are high on a shelf just waiting for
someone to find them adorable and take them home.

Sunday, Kelly and I went over to Zack and Becky's to see them and of course Natalie. This is sad to admit, but I had not seen Natalie since the week after Christmas. She is now crawling all over, claps her hands together and waves bye-bye. But most of all she is such a happy girl. She turns one year old on March 20th.

She just finished her breakfast.

Zack cleaned her up and put on clean clothes.
Becky put her hair in a ponytail.

She still makes the Popeye face, but now you can
see her two front teeth. She also has one in on top
and another just about in. She's getting to be such a
big girl!

I thought this was a cute picture of
Grandpa and Natalie. Kelly is so
proud of his grand daughter!

I'll leave you with this video of her playing with her toys.
What a precious blessing she is in our life.
Think Spring!

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