Sunday, March 28, 2010

Natalie's 1st Birthday

Natalie turned 1 year old on March 20th, but Zack and Becky had her birthday party this Saturday. She had on an adorable birthday dress and she was ready for presents and cake. Unfortunately she was running a slight fever, but she did really good for not feeling well. She is such a blessing to all of us!

Pretty birthday dress

Presents....but the wrapping paper was
way more fun!

She was kissing and hugging her new Panda bear.

Video of her opening presents

She wasn't crazy about the hat, but she
left it on.

She had her own birthday cake and
she LOVED the frosting. She had it
everywhere. Her cute little dress
was a mess.

Here is a video of her enjoying her cake. You
can hear Kelly in the background laughing
like crazy!

Zack pulled off the dress and Becky
put her directly into the bathtub.

Of course I have to share my new creations with you.
I made three cat pinkeeps. They turned out

Here's a close up of my favorite one.

Well, that's all the excitement here. We get to talk to Shane every week and it makes it a lot easier on Kelly and I. He is doing well at his MOS school and we are very proud of him. He got a 100 on his last test! That hasn't happened since about 6th grade. He has come a LONG way. Love you Shaner! Keep up the good work!!
God Bless and pray for this great Nation. There is an awakening happening...let's be part of it!

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