Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekend with Natalie

We had Natalie for the weekend so Zack and Becky could enjoy Becky's sister's wedding. I picked her up Friday afternoon and the fun began. All I can say is she is the best baby ever. She is happy 99% of the time. She is busy, but not into everything. I did not have to put a single knick knack away. She slept all night and got up happy and ready to play.

I found a game to keep her busy

We took her to East Bethel's Booster Days,
but we didn't get to stay very long. The
sky was clear when we got there, but quickly turned dark.

This is what the sky looked like. We were home
for awhile before the real storm hit. It rained
buckets and the wind blew harder than we

After Church Kelly went out to assess the damage
to our garden. All our corn was laying on the ground.
It looked like a swirl pattern! We did get it
propped back up again.

Natalie helped us outside. I was able to catch her
making this face. This is the same face Shane
used to make. Must run in the family.

We had such a fun weekend with this precious little girl. We are truly blessed grandparents. I have a feeling I'll have to go get her sometime just to have her overnight because I miss her already!

Have an awesome week!


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