Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Garden

I thought I would share some pictures of our garden. It has been a battle this year against bugs, deer, rabbits and storms. The critters got our beans while we were on vacation so I had to replant them. I think the rabbits got into them again. I'll be lucky if I get any to can.

Zucchini and green peppers
I swear the zucchini grows about 5 inches
every day. I missed picking one the other day
and when I found it, it was HUGE!

We got the corn upright again and it is starting
to tassel so we should be enjoying fresh sweet
corn soon. I can hardly wait!!!

Squash and watermelon
They LOVED the hot weather and
exploded with growth! I should get quite
a few squash so it should make up for no beans!!

This is one of the new flowerbeds I made in our woods.
We can't get grass to grow there so I decided to fill
it up with plants and flowers.

Flowerbed #2
The middle one is the hydrangea bush
I bought with my birthday money (thanks Mom!)
I have always one of these!

Black-eyed Susan
This is another perennial I have always wanted.
I got this when I stopped at a garage sale and this lady was selling
plants right out of her landscaping (which was absolutely

Last but not least, my fern.
My sister gave this to me about 5 years ago and it
is still going strong. It LOVES the hot summer
and always fills in nicely. Every time I look at it
I think of my wonderful sister!!

I hope you are enjoying your summer and the beauty of your own garden and flowers. Every night when I get home from work I walk my yard and look at each flowerbed and garden. I just love this time of year. Thank you God for what comes from a tiny little seed. It is truly a miracle!

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