Sunday, November 7, 2010

Home on Leave

After a cancelled flight and then an hour delay in Atlanta, GA, Shane made it home for the first time in almost nine months. He was a good sport as I tried to get as many pictures as I could (as you will see below).

My niece Kara and my Mom, Carol came down on Friday
to see Shaner DD. On Saturday we had an Open House
lunch for friends and family to come visit with Shane so
he could see a lot of people all in one day. We had a great turn out.
Thanks Mom and Kara for helping me get ready for it!!!

His favorite teacher, Mrs. K came. She watched over
Shane at school. I am sure she is glad to not trip over
his backpack and baseball equipment in her
classroom anymore. Mrs. K you are the BEST!!

Mark and Steph, two of Shane's classmates.
Mark and Shane played school baseball together.
They have been friends since Preschool.

Aunt Jolene and Shane.

It is hard for me to believe these three boys are all
grown up! Zack, Shane and Eric together again.
It was fun to listen to stories of when they were
younger. Now Zack is a father and Eric is soon to
be one in December.

Shane and Nick, one of his best friends
from Anoka football.

Shane and his girlfriend Alecia

After the Open House I got to keep Natalie
overnight so Zack and Becky could go to a
Halloween party. She got a hold of a color
crayon and was able to leave me a drawing on
the wallpaper in the kitchen! Oh well, we had
a great time watching Barney. I just love her!!

Last but not least here is an original design I
created for my upcoming craft show. They are
made out of old flour sifters. Adorable!!!

It was hard to take Shane to the airport and send him off. We are not sure when he'll be able to come home again. But, Kelly and I enjoyed our time with him and cherish every moment we get to spend with him right now. Keep Shane in your prayers for whatever lies ahead. God has proven time and time again that He is faithful and true. My hope and trust is in Him for my son and my country! Thank you God for the victory on November 3rd. Please be with our newly elected people. Lead and guide!!!

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