Sunday, December 6, 2009

New Truck

On Saturday, Kelly and I went to Target's Kids Christmas Movie Party and saw the show "The Blind Side". I will say it was one of the best movies I've seen in a long time! After that we went over to Forest Lake to look at some new trucks. Wally McCarthy had some Chevy Silverado work trucks that were in our price range. Yes, we ended up buying one! It doesn't have all the bells and whistles, because we looked at a truck that had them and it was $4,000 more. We reverted back to the stone age and have crank windows and manual locks. But hey, we saved $4,000. I think of it as two less things to go wrong!! Here are some pictures I took at the dealership. It's a 4x4 Extended Cab with a side door that opens and only 24 miles on it.

The truck is black with gray interior. It has rubber carpet to try and keep clean. It's a beautiful truck! Now we have two black vehicles. And...Zack will never, ever get behind the wheel of this one!!!!!!!

That was enough excitement for one weekend. We haven't gotten a letter from Shane in over a week. He is in Phase II of his training which will end Christmas weekend. I know for this part of it he is now at Camp Pendleton. I still keep writing to him every other day, but pray for him 24/7.

Have a blessed week. Christmas is coming fast and we will soon be together enjoying fun and laughter with our families, celebrating Jesus birthday!!!!



  1. That's a pretty nice truck to take off-roading!!

  2. Imagine the friends you find through blogging!!! Merry Christmas--sorry I missed you are the craft show. I had Todd and Marie's 2 year old Kasey- and she was sick with a cold so we stayed close to home!