Sunday, November 29, 2009

2009 Craft Shows Come to a Close

Our craft shows are done for 2009 and it was a successful year. We just finished our second one on Saturday, November 28th at the United Methodist Church in Spooner. We will plan to be there again next year. My sister and I are going to branch out and find a one day show in the Twin Cities next year and see how we do. I enjoy primitive crafting and am thankful that I have a sister to do this with. It was also fun to have our mom helping us out and being one of our best customers! Love you Mom!

Rhonda is busy doing her thing and setting
everything up just perfect. This is definitely
her nitch and she's so good at it!

We put Mom to work making hang tags for
some of our items.

We are ready....bring on the ladies!!

I am at my post as cashier.

My gingerman family was not a hot seller,
but they are still adorable and hopefully
will find good homes when Rhonda takes
them to the Country Freckles in WI Rapids.

Reindeer, stars, prairie dolls, candles,
signs....we had it all!!!

More of our display...

...and more.

We use two old doors hinged together
as part of our display. It sure works
out great. My brother-in-law was
put to work hauling them in and out
of both our shows. Thanks Brent,
they sure are heavy!!

Door dolls, etc.

Pillows, dolls, and Milos

On the way home on Saturday I swung into a store
in Falun, WI called Grandma's Attic and found a
gold mine of vintage stuff. I only got to look for
about 10 minutes thank goodness. I might have
spent all my profits! I think I have been hanging
around my sister too much. I can now envision
changing all these into great prim creations!

When I got home I was surprised to find another letter from Shane when I got the mail. He is doing great at boot camp and is still squad leader. He seems happy and in his words, "super glad he joined." I pray he keeps that attitude for the next 8 weeks. Please continue to pray for him for strength, courage, focus, and favor with his Drill Instructors. Thanks for all your support and prayers. God Bless....Sheilda

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