Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Craft Show #1

The day finally came and it was time for our first Craft Show in Spooner. My sister and I were a little overwhelmed at first when we set up our booth. But as you can see, it all fell in to place and it turned out beautiful. Set up for the next one will go a lot faster now that we know what we're doing.

Rhonda pulling things out and getting it
all set up.

Here are a few shots of our booth and the
prims we worked so hard on! We had
candles going and a potpourri tart so
it was inviting for shoppers

As you can see we had A LOT of stuff.

This year my Mom stayed in WI.
She was our sample lady and handed
out samples of my homemade jelly and salsa.
They were both my hot sellers.
Good job Mom!!

Another picture of our booth

We had a wonderful time being together. The nice part is we get to do it again this coming weekend. Even though Thanksgiving is celebrated one day a year, I am thankful for my family all year round. I am especially thankful this week because we received our first letter from our son, Shane, from boot camp. It was a great letter and he is doing well. It's not over yet so please keep praying for him!
Have a Blessed Thanksgiving

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