Monday, November 16, 2009

Deer Season...a costly one!

My husband hunts in Minnesota and has three full weeks to hunt. He got an 8-point buck opening morning. Unfortunately this past weekend him and my step-son Zack got into an accident with our truck and did some major damage. Kelly is sporting a black eye and he said the steering column is broke so I imagine Zack is pretty sore because he was driving. I haven't seen our truck and I'm not sure I really want to. So while I was home busy working on my crafts little did I know the profits from them won't even match the cost to repair the truck!

Here's a cute little basket I got at a thrift store.
I painted it to prim it up. I threw in
some Sweet Annie, evergreens,
a few prim candy canes, and a cheese
cloth bow...and it turned out adorable.

I am totally done making the things I had planned
for the craft shows. I dug out this star pattern
and decided to make a few of them because
it felt strange to not be sewing and priming

Friday is the big day I head up to Spooner to set up for the first craft show. I hope we have a big crowd of ladies. Even if we don't it will be fun to be with my sister, mom and niece. I am missing my son and this will help take my mind off him. I can't wait to get a letter and hear how he's doing at boot camp. He better say he's loving it otherwise I'll have to write him back with some tough love. He doesn't need to know that I miss him very much! All he needs to know is that I am waiting to see a United States Marine on January 29th.

Pray for Shane and all our service men and women! We owe them our freedom!

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