Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Off to Boot Camp

Well, the day finally came when Shane was off to boot camp. I knew it was going to be hard, but I didn't realize how hard. Praise God for the support of family. My Mom, Ray, sister and nieces came down to spend the weekend with us. It was a great time being together and I love them all so very much!

We had to have Shane to the Recruiting Office in Coon Rapids
at 4:00. They let Kelly and I take him down to the hotel. We
were able to have dinner together before we had to take him
to the hotel and leave him there.

Our last family picture until January when
we're standing beside a true Marine!
See what he's got in his hands? That's all
he took with him and the clothes he's wearing.

Shane and Dad

Shane and Mom
Love you Shaner DD!!

Saturday, Alyssa and Kara ran in the Monster Dash around
Lake Harriett and Calhoun. They talked Shane in to doing
the 5K with Kara. Alyssa did the half marathon.
Rhonda and I went as cheerleaders. If Alyssa has her way
we'll all be running a race in the spring. You all did AWESOME
and I am so proud of you. It was a fun day!!

Alyssa, Shane and Kara...running cousins!

Sunday, Zack, Becky and Natalie came over to have lunch
and say goodbye to Shane. I think I actually saw Zack give
Shane a hug!!!

Natalie enjoying her biscuit.
Did I happen to mention she's adorable!!

We had to leave in a hurry because we had to get
to the recruiting office. Zack and Becky got the
honor of cleaning out Shane's car. We gave it
to them. It needs a lot of work, but Zack will
have it fixed and running again in no time.
You should see the mound of clothes they
dug out of it. No wonder I couldn't find any of
Shane's stuff!!

Shane posing by his car for the last time!
He was sad...a lot of miles were put on that
car over the summer.

Cousins FOREVER!!!

Shane and Auntie Rhonda

Shane and Granny. Sorry Grandpa Ray,
I meant to get a picture with you also, but you
must have been down fixing our wood stove.
Thanks for doing that for us!!

Please keep Shane in your prayers. God has wonderful plans for him, I truly believe that. However, it was hard to give him his wings to fly.
God Bless all the military men and women and especially their parents who had to let them go!!

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