Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Almost Ready for the Craft Shows

I can hardly believe that next Saturday is our first craft show. I am so excited to head up to Spooner and spend time with my sister, mom and nieces. It will be a busy weekend getting set up, but that's half the fun. My sister has the knack of making our booth look inviting and beautiful. My job is to man the cash register! This year my mom will be joining us because they sold their home in Tucson, AZ and are staying in Wisconsin! We are all looking forward to having them home for the Holidays!

I couldn't tell exactly what I had on hand so I
gathered everything in one area. For all the hours
I have spent crafting this year it feels like I should
have so much more. But, I have a feeling our booth
is going to be pretty full!

These snowmen now have arms, scarves, ear muffs
and have been sprinkled with glitter glass.
I love the snow effect (I hope everyone else
does also).

This was a table runner I got at a garage sale.
It made a beautiful fall picture.

A flock of Milo the Cardinal. I got pretty good
at making their feet. I just hope I remember how
I did it if I make any more next year!

An up close look. I sprinkled a few of them
with glitter glass.

That's it for now. I have a few more projects to finish up and then it's off to Spooner. Crafting helps me stay busy while Shane is at boot camp.
Please continue to pray for him.
Thanks for your support!
God Bless!

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