Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Almost Done!

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I was waiting for our new carpet to be installed. Other than that there is not much exciting happening right now. We started to plant our gardens (yes gardens!) but then it turned cold and snowed, and has not stopped raining in a few days! I guess we will still have to wait until Memorial weekend to get it all done.

The ground and deck were covered with snow last weekend .
Good ole Minnesota weather for you!!
I know we didn't get as much as Duluth or Hayward, but any
snow is May is hard to take.

Our new carpet was finally installed on Monday.
You can't really tell by the picture how it looks.
All I know is that old, dirty, smelly carpet we
had is GONE!!!

Here you can see the pattern. It really is

Before the home makeover!

After all the hard work (and mess)!

I have two new storage shelves to help
keep things organized. You should have seen
this corner before...I'm embarrassed to
say it was pretty bad!

We are still working on the living room side. Zack, Becky and Natalie are coming over on Sunday. Poor Zack, every time he comes over Kelly puts him to work. But, it will save my poor back from having to move all the heavy stuff back inside. Thanks Zack!! I'll update you with pictures of Natalie next week. Shane just called while I was blogging. It is always wonderful to hear his voice. He is busy with his schooling. Today they took apart an engine. You should see the size of the vehicle he is working on. Imagine putting it back together!!
Have a blessed week!

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