Sunday, June 13, 2010

Gardening Has Begun

Our field is full of wild strawberries. We did not let them go to waste! Kelly and I picked enough to make three pints of frozen jam, and seven half-pints of jam (which I canned so the jars are sealed). As you can see I have another bowl full waiting to be cleaned and processed. I LOVE making jams and jellies. Thanks Audrey for all the jars!!!

Here are a couple of pictures of our gardens. I'll update my blog as everything grows.

I planted a variety of lettuce this year (left) and have been
eating a salad almost every day. I had never had fresh
lettuce and it has an awesome flavor.
My Romaine lettuce is just starting to grow (middle row)
and we planted Kohlrabi this year (right side).

This is a LONG view of our original garden.
Corn, tomatoes, green peppers, zucchini,
carrots, beans, lettuce are all planted here.

This the extension Kelly started last year.
Planted here are onions, peas, cucumbers,
hot peppers, potatoes, sweet potatoes,
corn, cantaloupe.

If all goes well this fall, we will be very busy picking and canning everything!

Sidekick Melody. My 10 year old
girl does not leave my side when I am
in the garden. I just love my faithful friend!!!

Last but not least, here is the current prim I am
working on. I have a few more cat's cut out and
ready for a face.

Have a blessed week!

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