Monday, August 10, 2009

Class Reunion

Has it really been 30 years since I graduated from high school? Saturday my husband Kelly and I headed to Spooner, WI for my class reunion. We stayed at my niece Kara's house, so we stopped there before the event started got dressed, did my makeup, and finished up my hair. I wanted to look fresh and crisp instead of wilted from the humidity that day. I think I asked her about 10 times if I looked okay. My husband said, "you're nervous aren't you!"

Here we are ready to head out to Taste Budz.

It was fun to see "79" on the sign. I remember how important saying 1979 was in high school. You know, 79, 79, 7777 79! Does that bring back pep rally memories???

Some of the crowd is starting to gather. About 40 classmates showed up. Some of our teachers were also invited. It was wonderful to see them again.

Sheila McDermott and Barb Palm (sorry I don't know their married names)

Kelly Ardappel, Tim Johnson, Jim Donovan (Dunnie)

My best friend in high school - Lisa Rand Niskanen and her husband Donlee

Another one of my good friends - Tammie Westphal Johnson and her husband Bruce. Kelly and Bruce spent most of the evening talking. Kelly entertained himself as I ran around visiting with everyone. What a guy!!

Another friend - Kim Markgren Fox and her husband Dan.

Group Shot!
It was hard to get the group together, but Bill Perlick and his wife Laurie managed to do it.
Thanks Bill!

Buddies forever!

My friends!!!

Tammie, Me and Marilyn Hughes (Marilyn is married to Harry, one of the guys I graduated with)

I am so glad I went to my reunion. It was great to see classmates again. I had butterflies so bad before we walked into Taste Budz, but once I was in the door and saw familiar faces they all disappeared. We voted to have another reunion in five years. I hope we do. Unfortunately we are getting to the age you never know what will change in five short years.
God Bless the class of 1979!

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