Saturday, August 15, 2009

Garden Update

It has been so fun to watch our garden grow. Kelly is out there every night doing something such as sprinkling fertilizer, pulling weeds, picking beans, watering, or spreading grass clippings. Here are a few pictures for you. I am waiting for the tomatoes to ripen and then I'm going to have a full time job canning salsa and spaghetti sauce!

Look at all those squash plants!

We have three watermelon plants. I counted seven melons on the vines. This is a picture of one of the biggest. I don't think I've ever grown a watermelon this big.

Here's the pumpkin patch. There are about 8 good sized pumpkins that
will make great jack 'o lanterns this Halloween.

Remember Natalie's pumpkin?? This is it but only now it's orange.

Here's a marigold plant I just stuck in my flowerbed on the side of the house.
It's like a bush, and it's beautiful!

Because this bed is in full sun all day long, the only thing that will grow is moss roses. They thrive in the heat and fill in nicely. Would you believe that I only planted eight plants in this bed this spring!

Below are the fruits of my labor this weekend.
I canned four more quarts of green beans. That makes 12 total. And for the first time ever I made jelly. We have wild dew berries in our field so Kelly and I have been picking them. It must be a good year for them because the field is full and the berries are very plump!

Have a blessed week!


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