Saturday, January 22, 2011 it over yet??!!

I finally decided to tackle painting the stairs that go down into our newly remodeled basement. It only took me nine months to start the project. I stained the backside and then painted the stairs steps the same color as the Wains coating in the basement. They turned out beautiful. Ray would be proud!! Why didn't I do it months ago?

Do you see the gray owl in the tree?
We saw him twice last weekend. What
an awesome sight...I had never seen a
real one. He is in the tree by the garden.

The next time we saw him, he was in the
tree by the deck. I quick took his picture
which must have annoyed him because
he turned his back to me and then flew off.

Well, that's all the January excitement going on here.
I thank God everyday for our wood stove because it may
be zero or below outside, but you can count on it being at least
75 to 80 inside. I sure miss Shane when it's time to throw
in more wood!
Blessings to all.....Sheilda

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  1. Stairs look great! It's awesome to see nature so close up! We have seen on our trail cam a Bobcat coming in to feed on the deer scraps!